Why did I write, “Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer?”

By Morhaf Al Achkar, MD, PhD I was driving back home from the lung doctor’s office. He had tapped a couple of liters of fluids from around my lungs. Yes, it was painful. It felt as if someone was stabbing my back with a knife. It is as if you know that a sharp object […]

An Opioid Crisis Or A Crisis in Medicine?

By Morhaf Al Achkar, MD, PhD A little over a year ago, I published a paper on the lived experiences of patients with pain as the laws around prescribing opioids changed.1 Yet there was something else I needed to say, like what I realized when I became a patient with stage IV lung cancer, and […]

Dear Fellow Americans, Trump Is Cancer. But We Can Have A Cure If He Is Removed

By Morhaf Al Achkar, MD, PhD It was November 2016 when I developed stage 4 lung cancer, and my life had not been the same since the diagnosis. That same month, Trump became president. His election was more shocking to me than my cancer. When I received the news of my cancer, my first thought […]